Remembering ‘Murphee’ On National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

Also Known As ‘Big Baby’ and ‘Biggun’

May 1998 – January 9, 2012

It was you, Girl, who disproved the notion that one could have ‘only one’ Dog of a Lifetime.

Your sweetness, intelligence, low-key meek and gentle ways, wonderful personality, unique and adorable little mannerisms, your beautiful face, and your intense love and devotion to us, stay with us everyday.

In our hearts, you never really left us.

So, in honor of your precious memory, we dedicate these lovely lyrics from “You’ll Be In My Heart.”

You’ll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You’ll be here in my heart
Always . . .

We’ll show them together

Cause you’ll be in my heart
Believe me
You’ll be in my heart
(I’ll be there for you)
From this day on
Now and forever more . . .

[Credit: “You’ll Be In My Heart,” Songwriter Phil Collins, MetroLyrics]

Photo -- Sweet Murphee, Brown Cover

Our heartfelt thanks to the Putnam County Shelter for doctoring Murphee, and bringing her into our lives. We will be forever grateful.

National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day Photo national-adopt-a-shelter-pet-day-april-30

Please consider adopting a pet from your local shelter.

[Photo Credit: National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day – April 30]

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day



‘Our Cardinals’

[Photo Credit:  northern-cardinal-tree-snow-favim-com-475262-duckduckgo]

[Photo Credit: northern-cardinal-tree-snow-favim-com-475262-duckduckgo]

For several years now, we’ve spent more time in the Deep South in order to be nearer to a couple of medical facilities. And during this time, we’ve seen our resident Cardinal Family grow from a pair, to fifteen.

Then, this past November, as I happened out to prepare for a predusk feeding, I witnessed a feral cat carrying off either a female, or a very young Cardinal.

Shortly after that incident, I noticed that we had lost another one.
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Photo Of The Day — Polar Bear Frolics With Huskies

Below are several of German wildlife photographer Norbert Rosing’s “striking images of a wild polar bear playing with sled dogs in the wilds of Canada’s Hudson Bay. Apparently, the polar bear materialized out of the blue, and returned every night that week to play with the dogs.”

Best Polar Bear And Huskies Photo--Naked Capitalism, Jan 4, 2015, Links

Having lived in Interior Alaska, I must say that I never witnessed anything like this.

For the backstory, as well as more photos of these extraordinary Polar Bear and Husky Dogs encounters, please follow the ‘Unusual Encounter’ link below.

Delightful, and truly amazing!

[Photo and Text Credit: Photographer Norbert Rosing, Galerie, and Unusual Encounter]